About Us

"In the pursuit of success, everything matters!"
Talent Matters Consulting, Lda.


TMC was built based on its founder’s history, strong values, mission and vision, along with the solid relationship built within its customers and partners.

Why TMC?

We believe in talent, and we got it... and that matters!
We have a strong team, and strong teams will make your company grow stronger... and that matters!
Experience over market is a turning point, and we have it... and that matters!
Commitment is the key for success in 99% of projects, and we are 120% committed to your projects... and that matters!
We are passionate about what we do, and our passion brings the best of us... and that matters!
We have the skills and we have the experience... and that matters!
We believe... and that matters!

In the pursuit of success, everything matters!
"TMC - Inspiring your business!"


Our branding is composed considering our company name, logo and signature. Branding will help distinguishing our company in the market and differentiate from competitors.

Falco Peregrinus
"Among the most impressive birds to watch hunt, Peregrine Falcons are known for their high speeds, impressive aerial acrobatics, and unmistakable grace. But Peregrine Falcons not only fly fast, some populations fly incredibly long distances too."